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The best way to describe the Istituto per lo Studio delle Macromolecole is to briefly talk about its history.


NattaThe institute was founded on the 24th November 1961, thanks to the great discoveries made by Prof. Natta. Its researchers came from all the Italian universities and Giulio Natta was the 1st President.

In May 1968 the CNR President decreed that there be a constitution for the Istituto di Chimica delle Macromolecole (ICM), made up of 7 centers situated in Milano, Genova, Padova, Roma, Torino and 2 in Pisa.

In 1969, following an agreement between CNR and UIB (Unione Industriali Biellesi) the Centro Ricerche e Sperimentazione laniera “O.Rivetti” was set up.



In 1974 ICM was moved into the Milanese headquarters at the CNR research area.



In 1976 the Centro di Studi Chinico-Fisici di Macromolecole Sintetiche e Naturali of CNR was set up in the Institute of Industrial Chemistry at the Genova university.

In 1994 also the Center of the Study of Physics Chemical of Synthetic and Natural Macromolecules (Centro di Studi Chimico-Fisici di Macromolecole Sintetiche e Naturali) in Genova became the Institute IMAG.



In 1982 the Centro di Ricerche e Sperimentazione Laniera O. Rivetti¨ (wool research and experimental center) in Biella became the Institute IRSL.


Fattoilpolipropilene2On 1st January 2002, the ICM, IMAG, and ISRL merged and ISMAC (Istituto per lo Studio delle Macromolecole) was born. The headquarters is in Milano with sections in Genova and Biella.


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